Amber Higgins, author of Family Disaster Dogs will be at Lovejoy’s on August 27th between 1 and 3 pm.

Amber S. Higgins who spent over a decade breeding and training AKC bloodhounds for nationwide Search and Rescue FEMA volunteer work along with German shepherd dogs. Since 1976, Amber has dedicated her life to dogs. She is a certified and accomplished professional dog trainer, award-winning AKC breeder, and a show and pet grooming stylist. She is considered by many to be a dog expert and consultant. Amber currently owns a popular pet grooming spa on the Oregon coast.

What is a family disaster dog? It is your trained dog to rescue you! The Family Disaster Dog book shows you how easy a pet dog of any age, size, or breed can become your very own search and rescue dog! One of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one, and every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends. We, as dog owners, only need to learn how to use the natural ability of the dog to the full advantage during emergencies. As disasters and threats increase worldwide, we are asked to prepare for the worst in case rescuers cannot reach us quickly. With a family disaster dog in the household there is no need to wait for outside help to arrive to save your family and neighbors during a tornado, earthquake, or other emergency. This book will show you how to survive the worst and prepare. These fun and easy lessons are tailored for the family to learn rescue skills in the comfort of the home during daily activities.

We hope you will join us for the book signing and stick around for tea.

See you for tea!