Join us for the 6th annual Chowder Fest & Wine Walk!
& The Great Glass Float Giveaway!  

If you have had our chowder, then you already know who has the best chowder in town, but almost every restaurant on the coast advertises that they have the best chowder in town, in the state, on the coast and even in the world (world, world ~ echoes for effect). Like most of you, I have tasted some that boast and should not, some that are fair, and some that we will never share!  But who deserves the title of best chowder in town?  Well, that’s where “You” and the Chowder Walk come in…

“We want the title, and we need you to tell the the good citizens of Florence where they can get the best chowder around!” (around, around… more dramatic effect)


How it works ~ For $5 you get a participation score card and map of all the participants in Old Town.  Then you simply make your rounds sampling all the entries and pick your favourite.  It’s that simple.

All Events Start at The Gazebo Park in the middle of Old Town Florence
The Wine Walk  – Starts at 2 pm Saturday, ends at 5 pm.
The Chowder Walk – Starts at 12 Noon on Sunday ends at 4 pm.
The Great Glass Float Giveaway – 4:15 on Sunday at Gazebo Park as well.

We hope to see you all on Sunday!